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I love door signs and wreaths...always have and always will.  However, like so many around

me growing up, a wreath was only purchased for the holidays, mainly Christmas.  I love

seeing door decor on people's homes as well as the decorative elements they put into

making their house a home.  Not because I'm nosy (I prefer inquisitive), but I'm interested

in how people express their personal style...with patterns, colors, accessories...all the like. 

For me, it's hard to know who you are if I don't know what you like.

Making wreaths was something I always found "daunting", as the abundance of accessories

one needed to make one overwhelmed me.  However, after watching endless wreath

making videos, I learned a few simple "rules & tricks" that helped me tailor a style that best

suited me.  I'm colorful, simple, modern and ecclectic all in one and I don't go a day without

laughing...thanks to my hubby.

Enter Wreath Buddy.  I created Wreath Buddy because I wanted something to "anchor" and/or "complete" a door wreath.  I wanted something decorative and eye catching that enhanced a wreath, not detract from it.  Wreath Buddy has evolved from its' original form and I love building upon an idea that grew into fruition.


For me, how you decorate your door speaks volumes about the you.  When I see door decor, I think about what made them choose that particular sign or wreath.  Perhaps they have a witty, serious, outgoing or subdued personality...hmm, I wonder?  Our varying styles and personalities is the reason why I wanted to create an array of interesting shapes, patterns and colors to choose from.  Allowing you to customize a style with your color and pattern is vital in creating a design that is uniquely you. 

I hope you enjoy what I've created and find something that expresses your personal style with joy, comfort & and love.

Additionally, you can find me teaching various crafts including some of my wreaths by clicking the link below.

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